Why Transit Matters

If you're like many Americans, you might be thinking “I don’t use public transit, so it doesn’t affect me.” But transit is an integral part of every community, and it affects all of us whether we use it or not. Robust transit systems can build our economy, create jobs and opportunities, and make our communities safer and more comfortable for everyone. Here are just a few of the ways stronger transit service can benefit you and your community, even if you don‘t use it yourself.

Statistics sourced from the American Public Transportation Association.

Transit Supports Our Communities

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Grows the Economy

Every $1 invested in public transit creates $4 in economic activity, and because 90% trips on public transit benefit the local economy, investments in transit return 3x their value in business sales. Home values near high-frequency transit hubs perform 42% better than other areas.

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Increases Opportunity

Transit allows more people to go more places, and lowers the barrier to entry for participating in the economy. Transit provides easier access to jobs and saves commuters money over driving, growing our workforce and letting workers keep more of their paychecks.

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Benefits Health and Safety

With fewer cars on the road, we can all enjoy cleaner air, less ambient noise, and safer streets. Your chance of being in an accident shrinks by 90% when you take transit instead of driving. Plus, when you do have to drive, there's less traffic to deal with.

Transit Supports You

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Frees You From Cars

The average American household spends 1/6th of its money on transportation, 90% of which goes to fueling and maintaining cars. Removing the need for costly gas, maintenance, and parking means more money in your pocket and safer journeys for you and your family.

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Increases Mobility

Transit allows you to get where you need to go, no matter your age, ability, or means. More comprehensive transit will increase your access to jobs, shopping, community resources, and your family and friends, all without the cost and risk of driving a car.

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Builds Your Community

BART's push for sustainable and affordable housing will bring more people to our communities, growing our economy and lifting us all up with it. BART has a mandate to develop affordable, mixed use property near its stations, providing housing and space for new businesses to grow.