My Platform for a Better BART

I’ve relied on BART and other regional transit to get around for years, and I know there’s a lot to improve. I’ve also worked independently with our local governments and transit agencies to optimize their services at a system level, so I know our transit inside and out — from both a rider’s and administrator’s perspective.

With my policy platform, I believe we can make BART more open and accessible to the public, bolster its safety and long-term sustainability, and create a better experience for everyone who uses it.

Expanding Open Communication

Clear and transparent communication is integral to any public service, and BART is no different. If elected to the BART board, I will champion easy, consistent, and equitable outreach in the following ways:

  • Personally holding regular calls and events with the public
  • Working to create accessible and concise public meeting announcements, so you can always find out when the next meeting will happen
  • Continuing to push for more meetings to be held in the evening, when they're accessible for more people to attend and participate
  • Consistently reporting back to the community after meetings, so you know your voice is heard
  • Coordinating announcements with other transit systems whenever major schedule changes are made, so you're always up to date
  • Redesigning the BART website so it’s easy to get involved
  • Moving all BART board and subcommittee meetings, including meeting reports and recordings, into a single web location for easy access.
  • Continuing BART surveys to include both riders and non-riders

Improving Accessibility for All

As a public service, it is imperative that BART serves everyone. As a board member, I will ensure BART is accessible and equitable for users of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and incomes by:

  • Increasing agency cooperation to ensure transfers work for all, not just for those who can run up 3 flights of stairs to reach their train on time
  • Providing alternatives or refunds if our system strands riders who depend on it
  • Continuing to ensure elevators and escalators are of the highest quality
  • Making smart investments in access improvements to preserve parking for those who need it most
  • Purchasing bike lockers and coordinating bikeshare systems for adult trikes, cargo bikes, handbikes, and other accessible mobility options
  • Reopening more bathrooms
  • Completing more tactile walking guides within stations
  • Ensuring the new faregates are fully ADA compliant

Solidifying Sustainability

My commitment to BART’s sustainability is twofold: we must continue our good work in environmental protection, and we must stabilize our financial footing. I will keep BART fiscally and environmentally sustainable to serve the public good by:

  • Following best practice for sustainable investment, asset maintenance, and station design, ensuring that BART and its infrastructure can continue to serve you for decades to come
  • Streamlining our bidding processes to avoid expensive change orders and delays, making it faster, easier, and cheaper for everyone
  • Fighting for more stable funding by increasing public trust in transit
  • Maintaining public stewardship of public dollars while working collaboratively with employees and unions
  • Expanding the system effectively by ensuring both infill stations and extensions will bring the maximum benefit with minimum risk
  • Closely watching transportation technology developments to ensure new tools and resources are quickly integrated into BART’s operations

Enhancing Public Safety

Everyone deserves a safe and worry-free journey on our public transit. I will work to make sure riders are safe on BART by:

  • Eliminating traffic deaths at BART stations with a Vision Zero policy
  • Prioritizing and expanding unarmed response to non-violent situations
  • Making more employees available to respond to incidents on trains, so help is there when you need it
  • Advocating for and prioritizing the diverse needs of women, solo riders, nighttime riders, and riders of color
  • Working with the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to enhance homeless and addiction services

Creating a Better BART Experience

Using transit should be as simple and seamless as possible, for as many people as possible. I'll work to improve your experience on BART by:

  • Simplifying fare payment between all Bay Area transit systems, so one payment method can take you everywhere you need to go
  • Enhancing BART public data so all mapping apps consistently provide accurate information, making sure you always know where your train is
  • Creating a transit system cooperation policy, so you always know you can reach your destination regardless of route and schedule changes
  • Guaranteeing transfers between cooperating transit services, so you can make your journey on time, every time
  • Reopening more bathrooms
  • Prioritizing and expanding unarmed response to non-violent situations