Strong Transit. Stronger Communities.

As a member of our community who has relied on public transit for years, I’m passionate about improving it for everyone. Since 2017, I’ve worked independently with our local governments to integrate and improve transportation in our community, and I want to continue that work by bringing my experience and commitment to BART’s Board of Directors.

Better transit means shorter commutes, more time with our families, cleaner air, and greater opportunity for everyone. Together, we can build an open, accessible, and sustainable BART for all.

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I Believe BART Can Be:

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Your perspectives and needs are important, and I want to make sure BART hears them. I will always proactively seek out your input.


Transit systems must create better connections for all modes of travel, and make the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors a priority.

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I will continue to improve BART's environmental sustainability and solidify its financial position so we can always depend on it to serve our communities.

Why Transit Matters

Learn about why stronger transit benefits you — even if you don’t use it.

I’m Endorsed By:

Trish Munro

Livermore City Council

“I cannot think of a better director for BART board than Steven Dunbar. He is deeply passionate about improving transportation at every level. As City of Livermore councilmember, I look forward to his emails: they are well-researched, detailed, and unfailingly seek to solve problems and reach common goals. These abilities are badly needed on the BART board. Steven will bring a fresh perspective, a caring heart, and a sharp mind to the BART. I urge you to vote Steven Dunbar for BART director!”

Along With:

Bob Woerner

Vice Mayor, Livermore

Aisha Wahab

Hayward City Council

Sara Lamnin

Hayward City Council

Bob Carling

Livermore City Council

Bob Coomber

Livermore City Council

Evan Branning

Tri-Valley Transit Coalition

Bay Rising Action

East Bay for Everyone

TriValley Democratic Club

What I’m About

I’m a transportation advocate and engineering professional committed to improving the way we move. I care about our community, the people that create it, and the infrastructure that supports it. My passion is creating transit systems that are effective, environmentally friendly, and equitable for all.

Professionally, I am a systems engineer in transit vehicle manufacturing, creating transit buses used throughout the United States. I’m also a board member with Bike East Bay, working directly with city staff and local communities throughout the district to improve safety for all modes of travel. I’m always thinking about how to better serve transit users, no matter what they’re riding.

For years, I have lived my beliefs. I’ve biked and used BART to get to work, and I’ve spent the last three years working with our local governments — on my own time — to improve our transit systems. But that’s only taken me so far. Too many of us are still spending our lives in traffic because it’s our only option. We need to relieve this strain on our families, our communities, and our environment. We need focused and dedicated leadership who can face the many challenges ahead of us, and who can be candid about the tradeoffs involved too. I know that I have the experience, expertise, and dedication to do just that, and I’d love to be your representative on BART's Board of Directors.

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